Friday, September 2, 2011

39 Steps: A Stile, Handcuffs on a Punchy Friday Night

Good Evening, 

Tonight was a good night. We are well into working on the second act of the play, and being about half way thru the process of rehearsal, we are all feeling a bit punchy. Much of that energy worked itself into much laughter and giggles tonight as we were reviewing scenes that we had worked on yesterday. 

TIme in reherasal is important, but at certain times, laughter is more important. As an actor I'm always in a strange place mid-way through, so as a director I can respect what it is they are all going through. One is trying to solidify the lines, remember where in the world they are supposed to move and be. And especially in this play, but really in all plays, trying to make moments as specific as possible. This play is physical and there are so many characters and so many moments, that it's a big challenge. These wonderful creatures (I dare not speak for them, but can mightily praise them) are doing a fantastic job! The play demands a great deal of them in terms of energy and creativity and they, if I do say so myself, have been meeting these challenges in a big way. We've got much work to do ahead of us. They know this and I know this. So, tonight as we approach the half-way point, doesn't it seem just right that we laugh so hard that we cry - at ourselves, the process and with each other. Yes, I say, yes! 

Tonight's laughter serves as a release. At least, for me it does. I know I'm punchy. As the wheels of time keep turning and more and more decisions have to be made, I long for the moments that release into joy. 

Over the next weeks as we finish our rehearsals and get to move into the theatre with the set and costumes and everything else, this world that is so alive right now, will grow and thrive and begin to take on a life of its own. I will revel in all these actors are doing and marvel at their energy and passion - even as I'm asking for more of it! 

And our final desire is to share this world with you and look forward to you joining in with your own laughter in...22 days.

- Bostin, Director

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