Monday, September 5, 2011

39 Steps: Halfsies

Good Evening, 

Happy Labor Day to all! The official end of summer as they say. Juneau apparently has had ten more inches of rain than normal and we all surely can recognize that fact by the fact that it's been raining non-stop basically since our rehearsals began August 16th. 

It's the day off today and well deserved by all! 

We just ended our third week of rehearsal yesterday. We completed our staging of the second act and this week we will begin working thru whole acts and then running the show before we make the big move into the theatre on Friday night. Then we have two days of play in the theatre before we begin technical rehearsals next Sunday. We'll take more about that change later in the week. 

It's time now to shift our focus to soldifying the beats and beginning to make a cohesive whole. We will be making jumps in terms of the pacing of the show and bumping the style of the piece into a higher gear.

Today we rest...tomorrow we fly...and in 19 days we welcome you to join us...


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