Sunday, September 4, 2011

39 Steps: Progress

Good Evening, 

This post is a little late tonight. Let's pretend it's not past midnight here and this is Saturday's post...k? 

We worked for the first time on the last scene of the play! We then had time to go back to the start of act two and begin the process again. Working through the scenes, giving the actors the chance to remember what we had done. Part of the process in the rehearsal room is to allow the actors the freedom and time to build what one could call "muscle memory", other's might say "get it in their bodies". It's basically to allow space for the movements to become second nature. An actor shouldn't have to "think" about where they are supposed to move, or really even what they are going to say. It's part of the magic of theatre - the illusion of the first time. 

See it for the first time in...21 days...




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