Friday, September 23, 2011

39 Steps: Day 39: Opening Night!!!!!

Good Evening, 

Dun-Dun-DUNNNNNN! Opening Night is upon us! We are just a few tickets from selling out and we've received excellent coverage in the local papers:

Juneau Empire:

Captial City Weekly:

We've been busy putting the last details together, apperaing on local radio shows, etc. The preview audiences have really been enjoying the show and we are all excited for Opening Night! 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Art Rotch, Executive Artistic Director at Perseverance in allowing me this opportunity and for welcoming me home. It feels really, really good to be here. 

Working with this cast over the last weeks has been super-thrilling and they made my job extremely fun. I'm proud of them and the work we've done and I am looking forward to sitting in the audience tonight and just sharing this grand experience with them.

Also, the entire design team and technical crew - thanks for making this journey a fun one. This show is crazy and required everyone to stretch right here at the beginning of the season and I'm forever grateful. 

And one more pubic shout-out to my Stage Manager - Nikki Dawson! She's been pure joy and it's been a blast working with her on this show! Let's do it again soon Nikki! 

One last thing: Our 39 Steps sticker contest winner: Christy Terry! Well Done! Here's a few photos! She won 2 season tickets. You can still find stickers and win other prizes:

And just as I was finishing this post, Nancy Hemenway, one of our board members, brought us 39 cupcakes to celebrate our opening! 


Thank you for following our blog! 


Monday, September 19, 2011

39 Steps: Day 35: The Chase is Really ON! (Sticker Location List)

Good Evening,

Okay, so, we really want to give away a pair of season tickets. I know many of you have a head start on the sticker contest, but may be having trouble finding those last now the chase is really on! 

So, here it is in it's entirety...The 39 Steps Location List: 


1.)          Douglas Café 

2.)          Douglas Depot 

3.)          A&P Coffee Bar

4.)          Tasty Treat 

5.)          The Closet consignment shop

6.)          Heritage Coffee- Second Street 

7.)          SilverBow 

8.)          State Office Building coffee bar 

9.)          The Rookery 

10.)        Mesa Grill 

11.)        Hearthside Books 

12.)        Triangle Bar 

13.)        Rendezvous

14.)        Lucid Reverie 

15.)        Nickelodeon

16.)        Pal Meni 

17.)        Shattuck and Grummet 

18.)        JACC

19.)        Taku Lanes 

20.)        Nugget Alaskan Outfitters 

21.)        Vintage Fare 

22.)        Heritage Drive-In Aiport Shopping Area

23.)        GCI

24.)        Amazing Bookstore 

25.)        UAS coffee/snack bar

26.)        Ferry Terminal 

27.)        Fred Meyer 

28.)        Blockbuster

29.)        Mendenhall Mall

30.)        Alaskan Brewery 

31.)        KTOO 

32.)        The Hangar

33.)        Pizzeria Roma

34.)        Sandpiper Café

35.)        Cycle Alaska

36.)        Island Pub

37.)        JDHS (This one is tough. Think Theatre)

38.)        Douglas Library

39.)        The Perseverance Theatre Van


and a reminder about what the prizes and rules are is here:

Good Luck! 

39 Steps: 6 Days to Go: Scenes from Tech & First Preview

We've been busy this past week! We spent the last week building the technical elements into the show. It's been quite the week! And tonight, we welcomed our first audience to see the show. It was a pay-what-you-can preview/rehearsal where we bridge that last important element into our work: the audience. We had quite the turnout tonight and if this is any inidication I think the audience interest level in this show is high. We learned a great deal tonight about what works in the show and the areas where things can be improved. It will be a wonderful challenge this week to work on fine-tuning the technical elements that support our great cast as they work toward sharpening their performances for opening night in...6 days. 

Here are some photos from our rehearsals this past Saturday...enjoy...for more visit Perseverance Theatre "39 Steps" dress rehearsal on Sep 17 on facebook...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11 Days to 39 Steps: Tech Happens plus Hints re: Sticker Contest

Good Evening, 

Sometimes TECH happens. When it does, it can and probably will take over one's whole life. The last few days have been some of the most lovely weather-wise since I arrived in JNU. That recognition had to take place from inside a darkened theatre though, as technical rehearsals have started for The 39 Steps. Somehow, we didn't let that recognition get the best of us and this team pulled together for what became a nicely surprising fun day of tech. See, most people dread tech. It's can be slow and you have to do things over and over again. However, if the day is set-up with the right expectations and a reminder that patience is key, tech can become quite the joyous experience. It's where the director and cast get to see how all the work they've been doing in the rehearsal room will be enhanced by the technical elements of the show. It gives the designers and tech crew a glimpse at how all their fantastic design elements and work they've been doing look in context of the show the actors have created. When it all fits together, it's a beautiful. 

I posted some shots yesterday of our spacing rehearsal. I will try to grab interviews with designers as I can. Here's a quick vid with a couple of the actors from our first day of tech: 

AramJedSurpriseTechInterview.m4v Watch on Posterous

and one more pic of the set-in-progress: 


NEXT: Update on the Sticker Contest - 

I know folks have been following the sticker contest. We're curious of how many you've found. We wanted to release some clues about some of the harder locations. Here they are: 

In the Valley: 

* You probably get coffee here a lot downtown - at this location however, you don't even have to get out of your car

* When it starts to get cold, you hit the mall and perhaps get some winter gear here

* Barney's friend sure sells a lot of stuff

* The makers of Perseverance Ale 

Even further out: 

* Sometimes your car wants to go on the water as well

* Whew! When students learn they might need a quick candy bar or soda


* I wonder if the actors in this "Fall Comedy For the Whole Family" will have admirers a-ready at the stage door

Okay, that's a few...anyone wanna share a clue to the hardest one they've found so far? 



Sunday, September 11, 2011

39 Step: behind the scenes

a fee shots for the last fee crazy busy days. more soon.

--bostin christopher--
mobile: 310-562-1210

--more than likely typed with my big thumbs on a tiny device, forgive typos-- ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

39 Steps: We say our goodbyes...

Good Evening. 

Today is sixteen days from opening and tonight we said our goodbyes to the rehearsal room! We did a final run-thru in the space which we have definitely outgrown as more and more set elements and props have shown up. Wow, will it be nice to have some space! 

And soon we will start our technical rehearsals and start adding in costumes. Here's a sneak peak: 


See this and many more in...16 days...