Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11 Days to 39 Steps: Tech Happens plus Hints re: Sticker Contest

Good Evening, 

Sometimes TECH happens. When it does, it can and probably will take over one's whole life. The last few days have been some of the most lovely weather-wise since I arrived in JNU. That recognition had to take place from inside a darkened theatre though, as technical rehearsals have started for The 39 Steps. Somehow, we didn't let that recognition get the best of us and this team pulled together for what became a nicely surprising fun day of tech. See, most people dread tech. It's can be slow and you have to do things over and over again. However, if the day is set-up with the right expectations and a reminder that patience is key, tech can become quite the joyous experience. It's where the director and cast get to see how all the work they've been doing in the rehearsal room will be enhanced by the technical elements of the show. It gives the designers and tech crew a glimpse at how all their fantastic design elements and work they've been doing look in context of the show the actors have created. When it all fits together, it's a beautiful. 

I posted some shots yesterday of our spacing rehearsal. I will try to grab interviews with designers as I can. Here's a quick vid with a couple of the actors from our first day of tech: 

AramJedSurpriseTechInterview.m4v Watch on Posterous

and one more pic of the set-in-progress: 


NEXT: Update on the Sticker Contest - 

I know folks have been following the sticker contest. We're curious of how many you've found. We wanted to release some clues about some of the harder locations. Here they are: 

In the Valley: 

* You probably get coffee here a lot downtown - at this location however, you don't even have to get out of your car

* When it starts to get cold, you hit the mall and perhaps get some winter gear here

* Barney's friend sure sells a lot of stuff

* The makers of Perseverance Ale 

Even further out: 

* Sometimes your car wants to go on the water as well

* Whew! When students learn they might need a quick candy bar or soda


* I wonder if the actors in this "Fall Comedy For the Whole Family" will have admirers a-ready at the stage door

Okay, that's a few...anyone wanna share a clue to the hardest one they've found so far? 



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