Thursday, September 8, 2011

39 Steps: 17 was a busy one!

Good Evening, 

Whew! You can feel the train leaving the station. As we wind down our time in the rehearsal room and get ready to make our move into the theatre, the entire theatre is buzzing with activity: 

  • Sheila Wyne, our set designer, arrived late last night. We had drinks at the Harbor and a little Pel Meni (where I did notice one of our 39 Steps stickers. Hint, Hint!) Then, today, she was all kinds of involved. Running errands, making plans with our technical director, Erik Chadwell and more. 
  • We had our final production meeting before tech begins on Sunday. Great to have Sheila there live for the first time (she'd been conferenced every meeting before this one). All departments checked-in with their progress and listed their to-dos. The show is quite huge actually and everyone is doing a fantastic job to bring it to life!
  • Also before rehearsal, there was dialect work and bagpipe training! 
  • Then, in rehearsal tonight, we had a big night. We did an triple-speed run-thru (sometimes called an "Italian Run-Thru") of Act I and then we did a sing-thru of Act II. These both serve different purposes and are both exhilarating and exhausting for the actors. I promised them at the beginning of the week that we were going to push hard this week. They have been more than up to the challenge and I'm beyond pleased at where we are right now. We've got much to do and sharpen, but we are really running well right now. 
  • Tomorrow we say goodbye to the rehearsal room and hello to the theatre. Exciting! 

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