Monday, September 5, 2011

39 Steps: Nikki

Good Evening, 

And now a word from our stage manager, Nikki Dawson. She how she puts it all together in 20 days! 


Juneau. 2007. March. It was dark and rainy and I was driving down Egan Drive one evening when I heard Jeffrey Herrmann on the radio.  He was looking for people to help backstage on Perseverance Theatre's production of The Who's Tommy.  I'd always wanted to work on a play so I called him up and thus began my theatrical adventures that are continuing with The 39 Steps.

The 39 Steps is a great adventure! Our main character meets a mysterious woman and is soon involved in an international plot. There are narrow escapes, close calls, and dangerous moments for our hero.  There are also hilarious situations, memorable characters, and a heart warming romance. This play is fun!

I am the production stage manager for the show.  My job is to help take care of the administrative and logistical details so that the director can concentrate on the artistic details.  I'm also the actors' representative throughout the process and will run the lights and sound effects during performances. It's a fairly time consuming job but very rewarding.  I get to see the play take shape and move from a bunch of ideas and words into the final product you will see on stage.  There are so many wonderfully creative and talented people working on this show and it is amazing to watch all of the parts come together to make a whole.

And our whole is coming together quite nicely! We just finished our third week of rehearsal and it won't be long till we move to the main stage and start adding lights and sound.  Pretty soon after that we'll be putting the finishing touches on everything and getting ready for opening night.  See you then.  We can't wait to show it all to you

- Nikki Dawson, Production Stage Manager

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