Thursday, August 18, 2011

39 Steps: Productions Meetings and Physical Play...

Good Evening,

…blog day 3...

Things are ramping up.

We had our production meeting yesterday which is run by the incomparable Production Manager for Perseverance Kathleen Harper.

Production meeting are invaluable in the process of creating a show. It’s a chance for all aspects of the production to come together and “check-in”. Make sure everyone is on the same page about who’s doing what, when things are do, and, most importantly to work out any problems that may  have come up and see how to “problem-solve” them.

Yesterday’s meeting went well. At this point, everyone is on track. The walls of the theatre are being painted, the costumes are being pulled, props are arriving in the rehearsal hall. Our biggest conversation centered around incorporating certain elements of the lighting into the set design and making sure that some of the “gags” we are looking at trying to create will come off as we’d like them to. There can be a pretty big difference between the design stage and what actually gets created. There are practical and budgetary concerns which come in to play in all the areas. And, of course, new ideas come up that may be inspired and better than the original. All these options and challenges are explored to help bring the magic alive. It’s a truly collaborative process and a great joy to be a part of.

Also wanted to share how fun rehearsal was last night. You will meet the actors soon through this blog, but here’s a sneak peak at some of the physical stuff we were doing last night.


We were playing around with physical space and how bodies could possibly interact. This may or may not be an image you see on stage in…37 days!

-Bostin Christopher, Director

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